As the body is inseparable from the mind, I work simultaneously on these two aspects.
I adapt my tools to your needs so that they are as relevant as possible and correspond to your personality.

  • Ericksonian hypnosis (certified master practitioner)
    • With the help of speech, the practitioner allows you to reach a state called trance, similar to that of deep relaxation, to access your unconscious. A simple and effective way to answer problems that you cannot solve consciously.
  • Eye movement actualization (certified EMA/AMO)
    • Technique that allows to actualise life experiences and / or reach a specific goal through eye movements.
  • Reiki (Reiki Master, practiced for the past 15 years)
    • Japanese energy treatment that helps rebalance and re-harmonize the different subtle bodies by laying on of hands. The universal energy supply stimulates the body’s natural self-healing ability. This treatment acts on the mind, the body and emotions.
  • Crystal bowl
    • In-depth harmonization of the whole being using the vibrations of the crystal bowl.
  • Access Bars (certified practitioner)
    • Cranial energy technique that eliminates emotional and energetic blockages. It allows in particular to evacuate the obsolete mental schemas that prevent to live in full consciousness. The result is a subtle and powerful feeling of harmony and letting go.
  • NLP (certified NLP master practitioner)
    • Neurolinguistics programming describes how the interactions between thought and language organize the functioning of our body, our behaviours and the results we obtain. It is a methodology that allows behaviour to be influenced by language by modelling strategies of excellence to optimize our results.
  • Coaching (certified coach)
    • Coaching is the accompaniment of a person or a group of people on a personal and / or professional level towards their autonomy in a dynamic of change. It is a process of individual or group interviews structured in order to develop the potential, increase the level of performance and take action. It is based on a collaborative relationship centered on objectives to be achieved.

You will find below some examples of my clients’ appreciation:

Wow! Thank you Sarah! For bringing me to where I had to go in order to free what had to be freed.
Thanks to you and your very special way of “working”, I finally managed not be in touch with my fears, I reconnected with myself. My physical and mental tensions have disappeared. A moment out of time to go to the essence of one’s Self, to my Essential! A thousand times thank you!
Corinne, coach

In addition to her know-how, I appreciated Sarah’s mind openness and pragmatism, which allows her to hear everything while maintaining the goal of coaching. When I met her, I could not see clearly in my life and I tended to go around in circles. How nice it is to have a coach who has a sense of humor and accompanies you to a new equilibrium/balance in these delicate moments. In summary, her benevolence imprinted with airiness, combined with a professionalism full of humanity, turn Sarah into a valuable resource.
Julien, entrepreneur

Originally, I had come to consult Sarah for vertigo problems which was limiting to go walking in the mounain.And thereafter for a desire to stop smoking. I realized, over time, that the always different sessions, put me in motion to achieve my goals. But, more than anything, the surprise came from the fact that I’m cracking my shell that I thought I was the only one to see. A HUGE THANK YOU Sarah
Véronique, works in a restaurant

Sarah is an outstanding therapist who is attentive, caring, involved and highly relevant. Awareness after awareness, change after change, blocking situations are now history. She is a beautiful person. Thank you for everything!
Sofyan, hypnotherapist


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